“Transferred Memories, Embodied Documents” Lorenz on Hoffner

In „Transferred Memories, Embodied Documents“ Hoffner works on the question of comparison of images of violence, specially images of the Bosnian War and the Holocaust and the question how these iconic images can be opened for a different look/understanding. Images of violence are only described in Hoffner’s video, which visually refers to Ingmar Bergman’s film „Persona“. Referencing Bergman allows Hoffner, much more than the original, to make the positions not clearly assignable through the similarity of extreme close –ups of two performers in combination with the separation of body and voice. Hoffner challenges the viewer to rework postures, body language and speaking of images of violence with hints but without concrete bodies and categories. As Hoffner hirself formulates precisily, this approach allows difference to appear without being appropriated and „explained“ or compared to others by dominant narratives.

Renate Lorenz

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