Brian Michael Muller

Brian Michael Muller is a master’s student at the Centre for African Studies, University of Cape Town, where, working across disciplines, his research encompasses questions of queer loss, memorialisation, trauma and neo-ethnographic photography. He works at the UCT Visual Archives where, under the mentorship of Paul Weinberg, he has contributed to a number of
international exhibitions and publications. He is also an editorial assistant at Social Dynamics: A Journal of African Studies. Previously he worked as an English teacher to high school students in Khayelitsha township just outside of Cape Town. His lessons included critical thinking, writing skills and visual literacy. Concurrently, Brian was the news editor of Varsity,
the official newspaper of the University of Cape Town. He was active in student politics and served on the Humanities Undergraduate Student Council, was the founding chairman of the Humanities Postgraduate Student Council and sat on a number of the university’s advisory boards. He is currently working on an audio-visual project with corrective rape survivors and intends on starting his PhD in 2015.

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