Iris Rajanayagam


Iris Rajanayagam is a social scientist, activist and mother.

Iris Rajanayagam deals with postcolonial continuities in the  German/European asylum and migration policies and explores dynamics and  conjunctures of mechanisms of power and oppression in the era of “globalization“. As a women of Color, intersectional feminist approaches play a central role in her work. She is curator of the series “Art as a Space of Empowerment and Resistance. Perspectives of Black Women and Women of Color” and co-organizer of the series “Resistance Movements of Refugee Women in Berlin and Germany. Information,  Exchange, Networking and Empowerment”. She is currently focusing on possibilities of decolonization processes within and through art. Iris Rajanayagam has been active in The Caravan for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants and in The Voice Refugee Forum since 2005. She teaches at the Alice Salomon University of Applied Science in the modul “Racism and Migration” and is part of the editing team of the magazine “Leben nach Migration” (Life after Migration) published every four months by the Migration Council Berlin Brandenburg (MRBB e.V). She lives with her partner and son in Berlin.

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